Mobile Coffee Services

Interested in a premium specialty mobile coffee services with meticulous services for all your guests and VIPS at your events at reasonable pricing?

Our packages are charged based on number of beverages you wish to cater and barista service hours. 

  • Minimum 100 beverages
  • 2 hour of barista service hours


Number of barista(s) will be assigned accordingly to each event(s) to ensure each and every single detail are all well-catered.

Baristas will dress up according to the event theme.

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Coffee Beans: 

We only used specialty graded coffee beans that are freshly roasted upon demand for your events.

Ranging from single origins to different blends to cater to all our clients’ preference.

Quality Ensured:

All our beverages are quality ensured of finest ingredients used. 

  • The coffee beans that we are using are only specialty graded (freshness period up to 21 days) instead of gourmet coffee beans (shelf life: 2 to 4 years).
  • Our coffee beans are all freshly roasted upon demand as compared to gourmet coffee which have long shelf life up to 3-4 years.
  • Finest tea leaves of 1872 Clipper Tea varies from black pure ceylon tea, green tea, white tea to fruit tea series as well as non-caffeinated teas.
  • Japan Meiji Fresh Milk (shelf life 2 weeks) used instead of UHT (Ultra High Temperature Processing) milk (up to 1 year).

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Productivity Rate: 

  • Our productivity rate of HOT beverages is an average of 120 cups per hour.
  • Our productivity rate of ICED beverages is an average of 70 cups per hour.
  • Nonetheless, we will bring in both machines to cater for higher quantity of espresso-based drinks.

Serving size: 

  • All hot beverages are served in 7-ounce white paper cup size.
  • Iced beverages are served in 12-ounce clear plastic cup with clear lids and black straws.

Iced Beverages:

  • Upgrading of hot beverages to iced beverages will be by the multiple of 50s, $50 for every 50 iced beverages upgraded.
  • Iced beverages are double portioning with ice instead of single portion, served in 12oz plastic clear cups.

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Customization of Cups - Jan18.jpg
We can customize the entire mobile coffee services experience with your company logo, product or event names help in brand boosting to the public.
Company logo / Couple’s wedding logo can be customised on the cups and even on the latte art as well!
  • Stamp printing – Paper Cups
  • Sticker Printing – Paper & Iced Cups
  • Coffee Art Dusting – Latte Art
  • Customize of Coffee Cart – Branding Purposes

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Cold Brew Beverages (Dispenser/Bottles):
Perfect Grab & Go beverages for your guests!
Eye-catching, strong branding and healthy beverages to induldge!
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  • Our package includes takeaway white paper cups, black stirrer, raw sugar sachets, napkins.
  • For iced beverages, plastic cups, plastic cover, straws, raw sugar syrup will be provided.
Our coffee cart will be customised according to your event theme as well.
For setting up, we will arrive 30 minutes to an hour earlier to set up the cart and coffee calibration before your services.
We will need the following items:
  • A power source within 2 metres
  • A space of 2 meter by 2 meter for the coffee cart and 2 baristas


Email us with the following details at

  • Date of event:
  • Required service start time:
  • Required service end time:
  • Number of beverages to cater:
  • Venue:
  • Type of event: Weddings / Corporate / Product Launches / Business Conference / Birthdays / Baby Shower / others: ______.
  • Budget Catered: SGD$

We will be in touch with you soonest  possible (within 24 hours) to discuss the further details together. 

Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly at +65 8688-4256.

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