Mermaid Mobile Coffee

First in the World; Mermaid Mobile Coffee Services

Objective: We are here to promote sustainability and stop one-time use plastic to save our Ocean, our sea-animals.

IMG_1949 2.JPG

Basic Package: Mermaid-themed mobile coffee services.


  • Mermaid(s) appearance.
  • Sea-shell float backdrop.
  • Customized float with event names (baby names, company names, wedding couple name, etc).

What’s the differences between the usual mobile coffee services and mermaid coffee services? 

On top of the aesthetic factors mentioned above,

  • Mermaid series drinks available only for mermaid coffee services.
  • All one-time use plastic are not available for mermaid coffee services.
  • Fred not; One-time use stirrers will be replaced with clean reusable spoon if guest(s) needs to add sugar into the beverages.
  • Part of the profits for mermaid coffee services  will be donated to organisation(s) to help in saving our Ocean from one-time use waste generated.
  • Waste segregation bins (biodegradable paper cups, coffee grounds, etc) will be provided at mermaid coffee services.
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