Cold Brews

Cold Brew Beverages (Bottles / Dispenser)

Cold Brew Dispenser Capitol.jpg

 Cold Brew Teas are being brewed for more than 12 hours to extract more flavours and minimal astringency as compared to hot brewed, they are being labelled as “perfume teas” due to the aromatic fragrance.

Zero calories, helps in weight loss and digestion.

  • Dispenser, minimum of 10 Litres.

IMG_2785 2.jpg

  • Glass bottles (250ml), minimum of 50 bottles.

Teas: Cranberry Sunrise | Classic English Breakfast | Timeless Earl Grey | Peach Breeze | Lychee Green | Mango Punch | Summer Passionfruit | Peppermint | Matcha Latte | Raw Honey Chamomile | Thai Milk Tea.

Coffee: Cold Brew Black | Cold Brew White.

Exclusive: 100% Pure Coconut Water | 100% pure Raw Honey Lemon.


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