Barista Course

Basic Barista Course – $200/pax.

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1. Introduction to Specialty Coffee
    – Introduction to coffee origins
    – Differences of coffee beans ( Arabica and Robusta beans)
    – Understand coffee planting and harvesting process
    – Difference between Local Coffee, Second Wave coffee movement and Third Wave coffee movement
2. Methods of brewing coffee and types of roasting level
    – Various methods of coffee brewing
    – Light, medium, dark roast
3. Basic calibration knowledge to pull an espresso shot
    – How to taste a cup of espresso
    – Differentiation of good and bad espresso shot
    – Factors affecting an espresso shot
4. Types of Espresso-Based drinks
    – Espresso, Ristretto
    – Long Black, Americano
    – Magic, Piccolo Latte, Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino
    – Mocha
5. Milk frothing techniques and Latte-art 
   – Learning skills of steaming the perfect milk for various milk-based drinks.
   – Suitable temperature of the milk for milk-based espresso drinks.
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6. Hands-On
   – Making own cup of coffee
   – Basic milk frothing
   – Brewing different espresso-based drinks

BBC - JAN18 (1).jpgAdvance Barista Course – $350/pax.

  1. Calibration of Coffee
  2. Coffee Tasting
  3. Curation of different beverages
  4. Milk frothing Techniques
  5. Latte Art Pouring
  6. Hands-On
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